Blood Mountain Wilderness

Weekend Excursion?


With the weather outlook looking good, I plan on taking the opportunity to get back out there. Here’s what I’m thinking:

After work, drive to the Byron Reece Memorial parking area near Neel’s Gap. Park. Walk up the road (0.4 mi?) to the Walasi-Yi center and stay in the hostel there.

Take the white blaze AT approx 2.4 miles up to Blood Mountain. Continue on the AT to Jarrard Gap, most likely camping at Jarrard Gap itself. Could also camp at Woods Hole Shelter. If hiking to Jarrard, total miles for the day is 6.8.

From Jarrard Gap, take the Jarrard Gap Trail to Lake Winfield Scott (looping around the lake if we want) then the Slaughter Gap Trail back to the AT. Once back on the AT, we head for Bird Gap, hitting the Freeman Trail (blue blaze) back to Flatrock Gap, then straight across the AT to the Byron Reece Trail (still a blue blaze) and down to the parking area.

Mileage Chart

Relevant trail map(s) below!

Blood Mountain Wilderness
Blood Mountain Wilderness

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